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Sameer and Sakeer

I was a bit sickly because of the heat and did not see much of the boys this time. While I put up my swollen feet at Roni’s and Carema’s house, Roy and Michel went shopping with the boys. 



Beim Einkaufen















According to their clothes they seem to grow anyhow! Michel also handed over a used laptop and especially Sakeer could not have been happier.  They set up the laptop and went for a dongle and all in all, spent Rs. 26,000. 

He was not content like Ruhi with “I don’t know how it works” and came in the evening with his mother, Inaya and his bike to Roni’s house and kept asking questions.  Inaya provided us, like always, with tasty food.  As I did not have a clue as to what they were talking about I had all the time to watch the scene. 

Sakeer was literally hanging on Michel’s lips. They downloaded some additional things to the laptop and Sakeer kept asking question after question.  He is much too small and solemn for his age.  Inaya and the boys are doing comparatively well.

Shameer und Shakir

Der neue Laptop wird erklärt


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