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It was once again a happy and also, a funny visit to the Rainbow Kindergarten.  The new annex had been completed and they were able to take care of the older children in a separate room.  34 children were attending the kindergarten and the kindergarten teacher was taking care of them with the help of two other ladies.  Some of the parents were able to pay a small fee and the monthly contribution from Mrs. Hofer would be more than welcome.

Mrs. Hofer had given us an extra 200 Swiss francs and we asked the teacher what was needed.  She explained the problem with the toilet. 

Besuch im KindergartenKindergarten
















 All the children were using the toilet of the family.  She showed us a spot in the back yard were there would be enough space for a separate toilet.  After talking with Roy, we handed the money to the teacher and Humaid started to ask questions:  when they would start with the construction?  how long it approximately would take? and so on.  We were quite puzzled and had no clue about his intentions.

We would be able to see the toilet on our next visit, as we had seen the new annex this time.  After several years of very good experiences with the woman, there was no reason for doubts.

Humaid finally solved the puzzle:  if we only would know the date of completion, we could come back for a grand opening and Michel as “guest of honor” could inaugurate the toilet!  He was describing it in such vivid colors that all grownups roared with laughter, much to the entertainment of the children.

Even though the teacher was convulsing herself from laughter, it is not impossible that we might find an unused toilet on our next visit!?


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