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september 2006


Maybe it is overkill to want to expect changes in Hambantota every six months.  In this part of the world things take longer than back home.

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Sifaya was doing very well and my question about her growing belly: “rice and curry or baby” made her crack up.  She laughed for a long time.  Then said that she was very content with the two daughters and that she did not want more children. 

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I already mentioned that despite the fact that there would have been plenty of space on the school compound, UNICEF was not willing to finance the private kindergarten.

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Riyas und Sithy Sameela

To start with the not so good news … Despite the fact that Riyas had been in good spirits and the results of the graduation tests had not been released yet, it appeared that he might have failed to pass a second time.  This would end his academic career before it had even started.

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