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With unusually hot temperatures for that time of the year, there was also a lot of leisure.  Despite all the comfort of the hotel, we missed our friends, their hospitality and last but not least their home cooked meals.

We will gladly accept Roni’s and Carema`s invitation to their house on our next visit and we will prolong our stay to the limits of decency.  We will keep our fingers crossed that their house won’t be torn down because of the enlargement of the deep sea harbor, and we will stock up Roni`s fishing gear and and and …………….. only being there in real is much better than day dreaming!  

Alter Brunnen im Garten eines Hauses in GalleElefant im Hotelgarten


Ein Mann besteigt eine Palme

Am Stausee





Haus am See mit Spiegelung

Fischer auf dem Fluss








Die Trommlerin

Sri Lanka Tänzerin


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