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We have lost track as to the number of new bathrooms we have been able to finance.  But it is always a special occasion to get an invitation from a proud owner to inspect the new facilities!

Food package for Chammi

The new toilette of Chammi









Chammi with her daughter

Chammis daughter





Chammi’s bathroom was built in the backyard, separate to her home.  It is her dream to one day connect it with an additional room to the house.  A foundation was needed, the increased prices of the material along with the added distance and size of the sewage pit meant that we had to double the amount of money raised at my sister’s birthday party.  But the result was very satisfying and functional.

Chammi was very happy about the groceries that we brought and told us that her husband will be returning home.  The working conditions in the Arab countries are terrible and the payment is very bad.  This is an open secret.  However, when he returns, there is hardly any work for him in Hambantota.

Chammi and heewr daughter

Chammis new toilette



















Chammis new toilette

Chammis new toilette









Chammis new toilette

Chammis new toilette





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