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Our spring visit to Sri Lanka was unusually late in the year.  We received a very warm welcome from our friends. After an unbearably hot weekend in Colombo, it was a special treat to drive up to the hill country in the company of Roy and Mefuza.

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The children were eagerly awaiting us and as always they could count on Michel’s shopping skills.  The children had a lot of fun making huge soap bubbles and inspecting all the goodies we had with us.

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We have lost track as to the number of new bathrooms we have been able to finance.  But it is always a special occasion to get an invitation from a proud owner to inspect the new facilities!

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After our return to Switzerland, we got the news from Sifaya that her younger daughter Nasmila had changed her mind about attending boarding school, as she did not feel ready to live separate from her family.  We had corrected the amount needed for the girl’s tuition classes, now that she was staying at home.

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Michel surprised Ruhi with a laptop and the girl was overjoyed.  She always needs a rather long warm-up before talking freely with us.  After the “painful” experience in the past of going shopping with a pretty girl her age, we handed an envelope to her and wished her happy shopping!

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As Maduka let our deadline pass without any comment, Michel stopped the payments to him by the end of 2014.  Other than a short Christmas greeting, we did not hear from him.  It is just too sad that he did not take more advantage of the opportunities given to him.

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And what was Asjath doing in Hambantota?  On our last visit we did not see him as we had traveled via the east coast and did not pass his hometown of Tangalle on the southwest coast.

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Over the years we have grown fond of many people in Hambantota.  Rasmiya and her children made this very easy for us.  They are so sincere and thankful in such a natural way that it leaves no room for a bad taste on either side.

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microcredits for widows

Our visit to Kirinda was in every sense of the word … sweaty!  It was unbearably hot and after going through each and every file in the Principal’s office with him and his right hand, Sarath, we went on a tour.  We visited the five ladies who fell short with their repayments.

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