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march 2005


This was Michel’s 7th and my 12th trip to Sri Lanka since January 2000, a testament to our affinity and passion for this country and its people. 

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Sri Lanka is comprised of nine provinces and 25 districts.  Hambantota (province) is about a nine hour drive from Colombo, although it is only 200 kilometers to the southeast.  It lies on the edge of the “dry zone”, which means there are very long periods of drought, then extreme floods, once the monsoon starts.

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The first widow we visited was 26 year old Sifaya.  Before the tsunami, they had a good life. She had been married for eight years, mother of six year old Nasreen and two and a half year old Nasmila.

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One of the three students graduating in June was Riyas.  He was 19 years old and lost his parents and his sister in the tsunami, as well as most of his relatives.

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