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Sifaya was doing very well and my question about her growing belly: “rice and curry or baby” made her crack up.  She laughed for a long time.  Then said that she was very content with the two daughters and that she did not want more children. 

SifayaFröhliche Mädchen











She also answered the questions about her new husband quite cheerfully.  He left early in the morning to work in Hambantota as a tuk-tuk driver and would not return before late at night she told us, with a bright smile.

Enviable, what is considered a happy marriage in other cultures………….

Her shop was closed as the dirt road had become impassable during the rainy season and her Father was taking care of some family matters upcountry.  Despite this, he was paying his rates with big punctuality and there were different upgrades made at the house.

As our friends from Colombo were not able to accompany us for private reasons, we did not want to talk with her about stopping the monthly payments to her.  Victor was translating otherwise it would not have been possible to communicate with her at all.

I asked Faye to talk to her over the phone and get some clarifications.  Maybe it will be possible to help the family with a credit for the husband to start his own business?  The monthly payments to Sifaya were supposed to be as emergency relief for a widow and it had fulfilled this purpose more than well.

Verabschiedung von Sifaya und Ihrer Familie


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