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We also visited Sifaya with a big load of groceries and one can say that she has doubled her size since our first meeting a little over seven years ago.  The extensions in the back of the house had been concluded and there was a new and stable house door. 


Nasmila and Nasreen are teenagers now and that was Sifaya’s biggest concern.  I described the terrible construction of her house earlier in our 2005 report.  The glass in the windows can be removed from the outside and if opened the curtains would not cover completely.  Especially in the girls’ room, this was unacceptable as there were bad boys sneaking around the house at night trying to get a glimpse inside.  She was talking about windows in solid wood with slits for ventilation. 

We were glad that she did not consider closing the window opening completely with bricks!  The estimated costs of Rs.15`000 later on turned into Rs. 60`000 in a list handed to Roy, as the windows of the living room and the kitchen had to be replaced too.  We don’t want to deny that fact, though we will only send her the Rs. 15`000 for the window in the girls’ room. 





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