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Because of the heat we experienced in April/March 2015, we decided to plan this trip as early in the year as possible. A wise decision but of not much help.  Due to the El Niño phenomena the temperature in Sri Lanka was also a couple of degrees above average.


Unser Pool

Unsere Villa
















It was very hot in Colombo and Hambantota. Only after settling into “our” house at Bolgoda Lake did the temperatures become comfortable.

It was our first visit to Sri Lanka where we did not set foot into a hotel and we bitterly regretted not having done this much earlier. To be honest, we were afraid of having to cut down on service and comfort.  Plus a holiday in this climate seemed unbearable without a pool. After a long winter and a lot of work, we always felt like spoiling ourselves, a little bit.

Im Pool

unser Anwesen
















The pool was bigger than expected and the water nicely cool and refreshing. The climate at the lake front also seemed to be much more pleasant than at the sea.  There was always a nice breeze from the lake and in the morning the lawn was wet from dew. The service we received from the villa’s caretaker and his wife was way better than in any hotel and exclusively for the two of us. There were some country-specific short comings but we easily sorted it out by talking with the caretakers and everything worked out perfectly. 

Our only concern was not putting on too much weight!  The fact that all this luxury was quite a bit less expensive than the stay in a hotel was just the icing on the cake!

Blick aus dem Esszimmer

Besuch von Iromi und Anura
















And the best of all: we had enough rooms to invite all our friends from Colombo and spend marvelous weekends with them. Due to the short distance to Colombo, they would also drop in for a short visit once in a while and it was great after all these years of being a guest turning into the host. 

Essen fassen

Lunch mit Roy und seiner Familie















Roy's Familie

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zusammen mit Roy und seiner Familie











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