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Sifaya was also provided with a big grocery purchase.

Theres mit SifayaDie beiden Töchter von Sifaya










Die Tochter von Sifaya

Die Tochter von Sifaya

We had sent her the missing amount for the window and she very proudly led us to the girls’ room. There was not only a new and sturdy window, but also, they had enlarged the room by the space of the old bathroom (the one that is falling apart at Chammi’s house). There was a typical out and bathhouse in the backyard and all looked very tidy and nice.

Her husband came back with the girls from school and he is more likeable every year. His son from his first marriage (he is a tsunami widower himself) is studying in the meantime. In a country where the children are your only retirement plan he seems to grow fond of the idea to also educate Sifaya’s girls. He even takes them on Sundays to Carema who gives free English lessons to children!!

It was great to see how well Sifaya and her family is doing.

Das neue Fenster von InnenDas neue Fenster von aussen


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