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There was a lot of construction going on and the area around the fishery harbor was hardly recognizable anymore.  The deep sea harbor was growing bigger and bigger.  Sadly, only in width, as it is still not possible for a tanker to enter the port.  All the car imports are now supposed to be handled in the Hambantota harbor. 

Frühstück in Hambantota

The number of Chinese people was eye catching.  In the distance there was a huge construction site for the future highway while the roads in the tsunami settlements were still not tarred.

The first plane on the second international airport is supposed to land on November 18th, the President’s birthday.  There are rumors, that the government will be waiving any landing and departure fees for the flights in order to encourage planes to land at the new airport.  But whether any airline will find enough passengers willing to fly to the southeast and if so, where these passengers will stay, is not quite clear yet.


Our breakfast was prepared by the wife of the caretaker.  At dinner time we were invited by Roy’s relatives or we went out.  We had been looking forward to the food at Jade Green Restaurant where they always served marvelous curries and were badly disappointed:  the most terrible food of the whole trip;  the worst kind of tourist curries!  Since our nutritional status was very high we were able to cope with it. 



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