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One week of continuous rain in Colombo.  Clashes between Muslims and Buddhists in Dambulla.  Hence followed general strikes in Trincomalee and Batticoloa.  Last but not least Batticoloa was hit by the tail of a cyclone. 

Rice und Curry bei Anura

And we missed all of them as we went to all these places one or two days before or after the incidents happened or were travelling the sunny east coast.

Conclusion of spending one month in Sri Lanka during the rainy season:  two thunderstorms during the night and all together less than half an hour of rain during daytime;  a great time with our friends;  and loads of marvelous food!

The first two days we stayed at Iromi`s and Anura`s house, went for our shopping routine, chatted for hours and got used to spicy curry and the heat.

On Saturday morning, Humaid and Roy picked us up for our tour to the east coast.  We had been to the east during the cease fire in 2003 and then again in 2007.  Because of the flare up of the war in the north, we had travelled only from Batticoloa and southwards on those precious trips. 

Anura und seine Familie


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