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So for the good news …….. The dream in pink was finished and the installation was perfect according to Sri Lankan standards. 

Then the not so good ………

Der Traum in rosaBadezimmer in Rosa



The hotel had closed for refurbishing at the end of March and Banuka would be out of work till the end of the year.  Besides that, after a long drought the water level had retrieved and the dream in pink was without water.

We had told Banuka in November that our help for him would end with the money for the bathroom and told him about our engagement in Hambantota.  He knew himself that he was doing well compared to others but it was very obvious that he would have appreciated help for some additional blasts. 

To cut a long story short:  after some considerations I handed him 5,000 rupees to dig the well deeper.  What sense would it make if he would be busy half of the time bringing water to the house from a public well?  instead of producing bricks for the same time and earning money?

Handing the same amount of money to a beach vendor some days later for cigarettes I was convinced, that I had done the right thing.


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