Travel Reports


Feb/Mar 2011


We flew to Colombo on February 26th after an unusually long break of 15 months.  With that in mind, we were in great anticipation.

We had been in contact with our friends in Colombo all the time and Roy had kept us informed about the ongoing events in Hambantota.

Having not travelled to that beautiful country, meeting our friends and visiting “our” widows and orphans, we had missed a lot. 

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It was once again a happy and also, a funny visit to the Rainbow Kindergarten.  The new annex had been completed and they were able to take care of the older children in a separate room.  34 children were attending the kindergarten and the kindergarten teacher was taking care of them with the help of two other ladies.  Some of the parents were able to pay a small fee and the monthly contribution from Mrs. Hofer would be more than welcome.

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Sponsorship of Orphans

In Colombo with Humaid’s help, we had opened an account for Nasmeela, the younger daughter of Sifaya.  We put 1,000 Swiss francs into the account and the girl will receive on her 18th birthday either in our or Humaid’s presence, 2,800 Swiss francs which will be a nice dowry.

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