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Inshaf’s family lives also in a very modest house. Anette Segesser offered to sponsor a child and on the recommendation of Carema (he is attending her classes) this went to Inshaf. Much to the joy of the whole family Anette had visited them and has met Inshaf personally.

We would like to thank all the sponsors for their lasting help.

















Der Vater von Inshaf

Der Vater von Inshaf















Inshaf’s father is a fisher and the boy has two small sisters. One is attending Rainbow Kindergarten, the smaller one is still in the country-specific diapers. They live in a house at the tsunami housing scheme.  In contrast to Asjath’s home, everything was spotless clean, and there was a nice amount of furniture. 

We hardly had reached Hambantota when they asked us whether they could pay a visit. In the evening, we had the pleasure of listening to a prepared English speech by Inshaf.  He was obviously very proud of himself. He later played with his sister in the garden and we spoke with his parents, with Roni’s help. Before they left, Inshaf delivered his speech one more time and when we visited their house the next day, he delivered it for the third time to Roy. It would have been a shame to invest so much time in the preparation and then only deliver it once! 

The family of six went back home on a motorbike……….

Vorbereitungen zur Wegfahrt

In der Küche bei Inshaf















The father really impressed me. He picked up his older daughter from Kindergarten at lunchtime and when we came to their house he was carrying his baby daughter. I mentioned to Roy that he had picked a diaper from the clothesline.  Leaning back in order to see into the room, Roy added that the father was also changing the diaper! 

When I commented on it, the father was beaming with pride. The other day his wife had to attend a school meeting and he had been taking care of all three children himself! An exceptional guy in Sri Lanka! He works in the late evening or early morning hours as a fisher.  (He brought a nice fish to Roni’s house one night.)  Anette’s sponsorship enables the family to cover Inshaf’s classes and other necessities. 

They served us tea and cake. Michel babbled something about “chuchischwümmli” (the Swiss German word for kitchen sponge) and started giggling like a girl. The pieces of the cake indeed looked exactly like a well-known kitchen sponge but they tasted very good.  Michel composed himself only to start giggling even harder. In situations like that, it is always up to me and my imagination to come up with an explanation for his behavior.

Inshaf mit seinem Vater auf dem Motorrad

Inshafs Vater















Einladung bei Ishaf und seiner Familie

Inshaf bei Rony im Garten



Die ganze Familie auf dem Motorrad



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