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I was not able to visit the kindergarten at the Zahira School as all schools had been closed because of the war threat.

At least they had finally moved the playground equipment to the school compound and I had to admit that I was not unhappy to not have to deal with the repeating requests of the school all alone.

Der neue KindergartenIm Innnern des Kindergartens



The salaries of the Kindergarten teachers will be paid as promised until the end of the year.  On how to proceed, we would decide on our next visit in the Fall.  We would much rather sponsor one more private Kindergarten in Siribopura that would enable up to three people to generate an income. 

The Rainbow Kindergarten after an estimated construction period of four weeks was now almost done … after five months!  It looked great.  The old building was still standing next to it and made the changes even more evident.  They would refurbish the old chairs and tables before moving them to the new Kindergarten.  The old building would be taken apart and rebuilt somewhere else to be used as a storage room.

Im Kindergarten

Moving around in Siribopura had become even more difficult and I knew we would have to find a local driver for our next visit.  The widespread settlement with the same type of houses over and over again and the lack of street signs makes it look more like a huge labyrinth.  There was no sign of the promised infrastructure. 

On a second glance, it was evident why socialism does not work in the real world.  While some houses were already falling apart, there were others that had been improved in simple ways.  Next to dusty and dry gardens, there were gardens in full bloom where vegetable were grown.

We asked Roy`s brother-in-law to watch for a place to build a second kindergarten.


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