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We always look forward to seeing Ruhi. Along with her Grandparents, her uncle, auntie and her two cousins were also at home.  We spent a fun afternoon.

I told Ruhi years ago that I wished for a Granddaughter like her and asked her whether she could remember? I told them that my wish had come true and of course they had to look at pictures. Nobody was spared of that.

Ruhi beim ShopppenRuhi mit den neuen Schuhen









Alle müssen doie Fotos unserer enkelkinder anschauen










We had not been able to come up with an idea for a proper present for her as she has definitely outgrown the age for toys. The idea we had instead had terrible consequences: we will NEVER EVER again take a pretty eleven year old clothes shopping!! EACH and EVERY piece in the store was touched and turned and whenever Ruhi was down to two almost similar things we tried to shorten the procedure with a “take both”.

After the clothes we went to a shoe shop and the agony of choice started over again. All in all we spent 100 Swiss Francs and in Sri Lanka you get a big amount of clothes and shoes for it. J Next time we think it will be better to present her with a voucher. 




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