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It was as always, a fixed point to visit Sifaya.  The picture of her shortly after the tsunami in the little hut, we will never forget.  Sadly and again, we could see that she was not doing very well with managing money and we took her for extensive shopping of groceries. 

Sifaya mit Ihrem SohnSifaya mit Ihrer MutterTheres mit Sifayas Sohn

She proudly introduced her son, born in January, a sweet little baby boy.  Nasreen and Nasmeela were particularly fond of their little brother; and most proud was the father!  Because of the enlargement of the harbor, there would be much more work and he would do much better supporting his family.  However, it was country specific that this would not include Sifaya’s daughters from her first marriage.

Sifaya was very happy to receive the copy of the juvenile account that we had set up for Nasreen.

We had gone to Humaid’s local bank in Colombo to get advice on what would be best for the girl.  They sent us to the competition as they had better conditions for fixed accounts for children! 

Betrachtung unserer EnkelbilderÜbergabe der Bankdokumente











The maximum down payment for fixed accounts for juveniles was 1,100 Swiss francs and at the time of her 18th birthday Nasreen will get 3,300 Swiss francs in the presence of Humaid who has kept the original documents.  They are in his safe, as secure as in Fort Knox.  While only in his mid-fifties and in perfect health, he even considered the possibility that something might happen to him and added all our contact addresses to the documents.

Next year we will open an account for Nasmeela. 


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