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Sadly, we were not able to stay with Carima and Ronnie this time. Like all people who were living at the lagoon, they were awaiting their eviction date which could be at any time.  All have started to remove the reusable parts of their houses to be prepared.


Das Nachtessen bei Carema und Roni

Frühstück in einem kleinen Shop in Hambantota
















Meanwhile, they wait for compensation for their properties, as without this they will not be able to buy or build a new house.

We first went to the Hambantota Rest House, but the rooms were in such a terrible state that we proceeded to a private guesthouse. This guesthouse had been leased to the Sri Lankan airline until recently. As the only flights to Matale airport are two daily flights from Colombo, there was no longer a need for staff accommodation; and so we were able to get ourselves a very nice room.  We were still able to enjoy Carima’s cooking.

The neglected state of the Hambantota Rest House has been explained for years with the fact that it will sooner or later have to be removed due to the expansion of the harbor.  The future will show what happens to this state owned historic building.

Adjacent to the Hambantota Rest House, is an even nicer place being built for the President of Sri Lanka (Past President, as of the January 2015 election).  It is situated on top of a cliff above the harbor.

Der Hafen von Hambantota


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