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march 2006


I could have copied the introduction from October/November 2005:  the situation did not change for the people and there was very little private construction activity. Along the south coast, we spotted two new settlements with approximately 25 houses each, built with bricks and very nice to look at.

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This time I was traveling with Monika, an Austrian midwife working in Basel whom I had met as a client of mine.  

She had been in Tangalle on the south coast only days after the tsunami with an Austrian NGO.  This time she wanted to see some of the country and also, to meet Resla, an orphan from Hambantota of which she had become the sponsor.

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You only had to compare a picture from last November with the actual picture of Sifaya taken during this visit, to tell that she was doing well.

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In the absence of Humaid and Michel, the children were presented with a box of apples.  In Sri Lanka with a big variety of tropical fruits, apples are very rare and also very expensive. 

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Riyas and Sithy Sameela

It was very nice to meet Riyas again.  He was still very solemn but his English had become better and we had a nice chat. He was in good spirits for his upcoming exams in June and had plans to go for a three month English class after that in either Matara or Colombo.

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Sponsorships for Orphans

It was our second visit to Ruhi and we hardly recognized her as she had changed a lot.  She was a cheerful and vivid little girl and she made us laugh with her “knowledge” of English.  She loves her young uncle dearly who was taking care of her together with his parents, Ruhi’s grandparents.  She was very well looked after but had not started Kindergarten yet.

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So for the good news …….. The dream in pink was finished and the installation was perfect according to Sri Lankan standards. 

Then the not so good ………

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