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We often get asked whether it is boring to spend all our holidays in Sri Lanka. The answer to this question is a clear NO.

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 I must admit that reading all the destinations on the Dubai departures board makes one dream!  But as long as we depend on coming home with fully recharged batteries to cope with teething grandchildren and demanding jobs, all these destinations will have to wait.

 And how could it be boring to meet dear friends? walk through clouds of butterflies? or watch several dozens of sea eagles fishing? Plus that there are so many corners of Sri Lanka we still have to discover. This time we did not climb Sigiriya Rock like other tourists (we did this twice) but instead, we climbed the adjoining Pidurangala and had a breathtaking view of the Sigiriya Rock. And instead of visiting Yala Park (have been there twice also), we went from the East coast to the northern part of the Park. We had to share the huge Kumana Park with only two other vehicles.  It was a marvelous experience.

 And last but not least:  it is anything but boring to take part in the life of some people of Hambantota.

a sea eagle is fishing

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