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Michel surprised Ruhi with a laptop and the girl was overjoyed.  She always needs a rather long warm-up before talking freely with us.  After the “painful” experience in the past of going shopping with a pretty girl her age, we handed an envelope to her and wished her happy shopping!

Ruhi and her grandfather

Flower basket out of paper









Ruhi with her new laptop










Ruhi and Theres

Ruhi with her notebook









Ruhi cmputer certificate










Michel set up an e-mail account for her.  However, we will have to ask why she has not answered our e-mails.

We admired her reports from school and she showed us a couple of things she had crafted.  Among those things was a basket filled with flowers all made out of paper. It was really outstanding and we admired it accordingly.

Two days later Ruhi came to us with a similar basket for her sponsors. She had worked on it a full day and the result was perfect.  We found a thin box the right size to transport it home safely.


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