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The bathroom for the children had been built and the outcome was very pleasant though the costs were rather high.  The sum of all bills presented to us added up to Rs. 80`000 (CHF 580.-) and the Kindergarten teacher had gotten herself an interest free loan of Rs. 50`000. 

Die neue Toilette im Kindergarten


She is paying back Rs. 3`000 monthly.  We left it up to her as to how to use the additional CHF 150. that Mrs. Hofer had given us for the project.;  either put it towards the loan or restore the playground equipment.  

The prices for construction material had risen sharply the last couple of months and became unaffordable to most people.  On April 1st the cost of electricity had increased by 40%.

The children were happy and loud as always and they presented me with a stack of drawings.  All of them had made a picture of me and only one of the children had forgotten to add a handbag.  J  We had brought them some chocolate and they sang songs to us in return.  We would really like to visit the Kindergarten one day in the company of Mrs. Hofer!  It amazes us every time how the teacher is turning the simple resources and materials into magic.  The children adore her. 

Besuch im Kindergarten

Im KindergartenIm Kindergarten


Im Kindergarten








Im Kindergarten










Im Kindergarten

Im Kindergarten

Im Kindergarten








Im Kindergarten




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