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Victor, our driver, had retired and had bought a little car.  He was only driving his grandchildren to school and picked them up later to bring them to his house, where he and his wife took care of them until their daughter-in-law came home from work.  It was a joy to meet him in Colombo and he appeared very content.

Unser Haus in HambantotaBeim Frühstuck












Unsere KücheTheres bei Ihrer Lieblingsbeschäftigung







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 Roy drove us personally to Hambantota.  Along with Zariya who is managing the micro credit program, Roy had three more sisters-in-law living there.  One of them had moved together with her husband and son to one of her sisters, so that we could stay in their house. 

Other than the Rest House that would be eventually torn down because of the enlargement of the harbor, there was only the Peacock Hotel.  As we had various bad experiences there in the past, we gladly accepted her offer and became residents of Siribopura.

Roy always dropped us off and picked us up again.  On our own we would have been lost in the labyrinth.

The house had been built by the Tsu Chi Foundation and its construction and stability was better by far, than many of the houses built by other organizations.  But everything is relative and we experienced several shortcomings.  I have to admit that I would not like to live in such an environment for a longer period of time.

Needless to say, we were the attraction of the block.  Especially as we always ate our meals on the front porch – in the back of the house was the toilet and a goat barn.  After long days with a lot of sweet tea and even sweeter snacks, we enjoyed preparing a simple supper ourselves.  Or in my case:  have it prepared.  Michel, as a brand new non-smoker, was doing everything to keep himself busy.  It must have added to the confusion of our neighbors that he was the one bringing the tea and the food to the table.



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